What Risk Does The European Union`s 2010 Trade Agreement With Morocco Pose To The Environment

The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy oversees the Moroccan Industrial and Industrial Property Office (OMPIC), which serves as a register of patents and trademarks in the industrial and commercial sectors. The Ministry of Communication controls the Moroccan BMDA, which registers copyright for literary and artistic works (including software), enforces copyright protection and coordinates the fight against piracy with Moroccan and international partners. The Ministry of Communications supported the adoption of new copyright decrees of 20 May 2014 that require the police to work on behalf of bmDA to investigate suspected cases of copyright infringement, including the illegal sale/production of unauthorized media and the illegal use of media on radio or television. In addition, the Ministry of Communications and the BMDA have established a national anti-piracy committee to develop a coherent plan for measures to combat copyright infringement and counterfeiting. Morocco has a well-developed banking sector, where penetration is increasing rapidly and where recent improvements in macroeconomic fundamentals have helped to address past liquidity shortages. Morocco has some of Africa`s largest banks, and some are important players on the continent and continue to expand their presence. The sector has several large national institutions with international presences, as well as several subsidiaries of foreign banks. According to the assessment of the stability of Morocco`s financial system for Morocco in 2016 on www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/scr/2016/cr1637.pdf, Moroccan banks account for about half of the financial system, with a total balance sheet of 140% of GDP, up from 111 percent in 2008. Morocco has 24 banks (five of which are Islamic “participatory” banks), six offshore institutions, 32 financial companies, 13 microcredit associations and 9 intermediary companies active in remittances. Of the 19 traditional banks, the three major banks hold more than two-thirds of the banking system`s assets.