Volume License Agreement Ni

NI offers different licensing options to meet your needs, from application development to system availability and debugging. This article contains definitions of the terms of the NI Licensing Directive. All definitions are subject to the provisions of the standard licensing agreement. This agreement can be reached online at ni.com/legal/license. Whether you`re adding a new collaborator or diverting a department to another project, you can make changes directly to the VLM tool. Some changes may affect your agreement, so contact us for help. An individual license can be a development, debugging or making license available and is generally a non-simultaneous license for designated users. You`ll find questions about activating your software in this document. Now send your license server computer name and computer ID to agreements@ni.com to get your volume license file. You can only use the volume license file and run VLM on the computer from which the computer ID was generated.

Using the computer ID as a key ensures that the volume license file cannot be copied and used on another server. To learn more about the program or to request a volume license offer tailored to your organization, please visit www.ni.com/vlp or contact NI with one of the following methods. License administrators can use the NI Volume License Manager (VLM) tool to report, analyze and optimize the use of the software in your business. You can easily track and reallocate unused licenses, for example. B to avoid losses when changing staff roles. The Volume Licensing Program (VLP) maximizes your investment as your business expands the use of NI software. VLP is designed for small groups, websites or organizations with more than 5 licenses and helps you manage and optimize the use of your software. PERPETUAL LICENSE Most of our application software is sold with a permanent license, which means that the version of the software you buy will never stop working. Even if you don`t subscribe to our service software, your software will continue to work with the version you`ve ally installed. NON-CONCURRENT LICENSE Software licenses are granted to certain users or computers located in specific locations. The number of licenses granted must not exceed the number of seats not purchased simultaneously. This option can be purchased as a single seat or as a member of a VLA.

Licensing is limited to North and South America, Europe or Asia and cannot cross continents. There are two types of non-simultaneous licenses: Named and computer-based users. Volume licenses are typically managed on a license server and may include development, provision and debug licenses, as well as concurrent and non-simultaneous licenses. End-user activations are managed by the software administrator of your volume license. For questions about setting up a license server, you`ll find the VLM guide for the first steps. If you work remotely and your license contains an exemption at home, you can use a separate license or at home. Send the server name and computer identification address or MAC to a National Instruments agreement representative agreements@ni.com to get your license file by volume.