Mobile Computers on the Market

Icona vo-CEMobile computers  successfuly used in vo-CE on site installations:

  img_gal_781_600        intermec cn51thorcv31 03      Tecton Tecton             WT41N0  WT41N0VOW MC32N0

Datalogic: Skorpio X3                  Intermec: CN51, CV31                     Honeywell: TectonTecton CS                      Zebra: WT41N0, WT41N0VOW, MC32N0

Icona vo-CEMobile computers which have shown good performance during vo-CE tests in laboratory:

CipherlabRS30       img_gal_1390_600                   dolphin75 05 scanpaleda50 01                         tc8000.img  largeImage.adapt.fullMC92N0  img wt6000

Cipherlab: RS30       Datalogic: Axist            Honeywell: Dolphin 75e (Android 6.0), EDA50                                    Zebra: TC8000, TC70, MC92N0, WT6000

General notes:

  • The market of wired and wireless headsets and Bluetooth ring-scanners is getting more and more complex, with the mobile computers manufacturers and independent accessories manufacturers offering various different combinations.
  • vo-CE runs on: Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows EC 7, Windows PC 8-10, Android 4.4 and 6.0.

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