Gruppo Gabrielli


In 2019 Gruppo Gabrielli inaugurates the new multi-temperature logistics center in Monsampolo del Tronto (Italy) capitalizing all the know-how acquired in 12o years of its history. Thanks to the spirit of innovation that has always characterized the Group, various cutting-edge technologies have been analysed and validated by the team to be then applied in the new distribution center.

The role of voice

Since the company was already used to voice picking and had high quality standards, vo—ce is put to the test in this project. Besides, the Gabrielli team chooses a solution based on OS Android and Bluetooth headset, a whole new universe in 2018. Special services are thus implemented in vo—ce, both enriching the Itworks’ experience and improving the product. Thanks to the dedication of the Gabrielli team and to the support received from other players in the project, the vo—ce team realizes a valid solution able to reach the set goals.

The happy ending
  • innovative solution for based on the Android platform
  • voice picking quality standards improvement
  • connection management during order preparation



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