Chiapparoli Logistica


Chiapparoli is an important logistics player in the pharmaceutical sector.

To prepare a pallet, the operators used to pick up each package while reading the barcode with handheld or wearable RF mobile computers and then checked every barcode of the lable generated for the pallet. In case of an error, the pallet was completely disassembled to correct its composition.

The role of voice

Chiapparoli decides to implement voice technology to better both the performance and the ergonomics and work conditions. The team of Lexter Italia and Itworks offer an innovative solution based on Google Glass with vo—ce Android connected to AS400, to control package and operator movement, keep customers informed on the shipment status and improve pallet preparation. Before the pallet is created, the operators read the barcode that identifies the shipping unit with a Bluetooth Ring Scanner and then proceed with identification of the packages at the end of the line, pick it up and place it on the pallet. In case of an error, the operators, warned by a sound alarm, check the correct position of the package with the Google Glass.

The happy ending
  • error reduction
  • increased productivity
  • increased speed
  • improved working conditions
  • pallet space optimization

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