Telus Pad Agreement

You have certain rights of appeal if a charge does not match the agreement. For example, you have the right to reimburse expenses that are not authorized or that do not comply with this agreement. For more information about your rights of appeal, contact your financial institution or visit You hereafter confirm that this authorization and all related documents are written in English. You hereafter acknowledge your request that this authorization and any related documents be written in English. This authorization can be revoked at any time according to previous pieces of me/us. I/we recognize and agree that I/we must notify TELUS of the revocation at least fifteen (15) business days before the next due date of the pre-authorized charge to withdraw this authorization. I/We recognize and accept that this authorization is granted to TELUS and the financial institution, in light of the financial institution`s agreement to process deductions against my account, in accordance with Canadian Payments Association rules. Note: Pre-paid payments are cancelled 10 days before the invoice due date. The revocation or termination of this authorization does not terminate a contract for services or products that exist between me/us and TELUS. This authorization applies only to the payment method and, if a maximum amount of receivable is indicated, to the amount of the payment and has no other influence on the contract of services or products, including the associated terms and conditions. .

Registration for pre-authorized payments is simple! Your bill is automatically removed from your chequing account, credit card or visa debit each month, which means you don`t have to think about paying your bills and they are always paid on time. No more late charges! I/we recognize that I/we will continue to receive invoices for services and products provided for TELUS phone numbers and/or account numbers. I/We recognize and agree that receiving a TELUS invoice will serve as a notification regarding the debit date and the amount to be debited from my account and that, in some cases, the notification may be received less than ten (10) calendar days before the charge date or after the debit date. I/we recognize and agree that I/we are responsible for paying all remaining amounts on an invoice that exceeds the maximum amount, if any. When you set up pre-authorized payments with your chequing account, you`ll need your transit, settlement and account numbers. You can find them on a cheque or through your online bank. You can make your payments via your chequing account, debit visa or credit card. You can also set up (or update) pre-auto-edited payments via the “Billing” screen in my TELUS app. By signing a personal pre-order form, either electronically or on paper, you give instructions to your financial institution to debit your account each month, as shown on the form, to pay for goods and services purchased by such a REGULAR this month at the account number or any other account number that you will later provide in accordance with The Rules of the Canadian Payments Association. To allow your account to be debited, TELUS and your financial institution need the signed authorization of all account holders whose signatures are required to withdraw a cheque from the account. You allow TELUS to pass on the contents of your “Personal Pre-authorized Charge” form to any financial institution involved in the transfer of funds.