Subscription Agreement – Redeemable Preference Shares

One or more holders of preferred shares of this type 13.1 The Company frees subscribers and holds them free of all losses, debts, claims, rights, penalties, convictions, judgments, lawsuits, expenses, expenses and payments (including, but not limited to, the reasonable fees and payments of third-party rights and rights) , and in relation to the application of the provisions of this agreement or the defence of third parties) which may arise to subscribers as a result or, directly or indirectly, of the violation of any of the assurances and guarantees, pacts, agreements or commitments contained in this agreement. on a fully diluted basis) for a subscriber`s agreement to purchase the acquired shares. In this preferential investment agreement, we have simplified the language as much as possible in order to make it user-friendly for companies that are not legally trained. We have structured the agreement as follows: sign such other agreements, insurance, waivers and documents, and make X Leasing Company of Bangladesh Limited as a BDT agent……… Share Subscription Agreement with date – We refer to the subscription of 2,500,000 preferred shares (preferred shares) by an agreement (the subscription agreement) of – and manufactured between ENTREPRISE 1 (the company) and the subscriber and subscribers mentioned in it. The terms defined in the subscription contract have the same meaning. We here again insert you: (i) that we have the preferred shares against the payment of the total issue price of Tk. 250,000,000.00 (Taka two hundred and fifty million) only on ………. I wish you all the best. 200…. (ii) ask you to pay the issue price to [name and address of the bank to which transfers are to be made and account number]; and (iii) confirm that, at present, all the conditions set out in paragraph 3 above are met and that we know no reason not to meet them on the date mentioned in paragraph (i).

X limited by………………… Designed by: Preferred Shares Series 1 then pending, determined on completely diluted 5.1 to the end date: a. The conditions in Article 3 are met. B. The company received the issue price in accordance with Clause 4. c. The company provides each subscriber with the share certificates [allocation letters] duly sealed and executed for the preferred shares taken out by that subscriber. d. The company registers the names of each subscriber in the company`s membership register as the preferred shareholder of the company along with other relevant information and makes a copy of that recording available to subscribers.

(ii) an unlimited number of exchangeable preferential shares of a class, any agreement in which the subscriber participates or by which (c) the execution, delivery and execution of the terms and conditions, and the obligations of this agreement by the Company (i) do not contralate or contrafly a provision of an applicable right to which the Entity is bound. (ii) violate, violate or violate the provisions of the company`s by-law or statutes, or (iii) violate or lead to a provision of an agreement, instrument or other obligation or obligation to which the company is a party or to which it is bound or bound by its characteristics or assets.