Share Subscription Agreement Vs Share Purchase Agreement

To understand this subject, we need to know what actions really are. Due to the rapid growth of the business worldwide, competition in the market is intensifying. A company`s first and most important priority is to maximize profits, which is possible when the volume of activity is large, which requires significant investment. A subscription contract is a kind of sharing offer document. The main purpose of a share purchase agreement is to show how many shares must be transferred and at what price there are two common aspects that create and establish the relationship between the two parties. This is the shareholder contract and the share purchase agreement. One party uses it so that the other party that invests can also participate in the process. This agreement should also describe the dates of these payments to the investor. Through written information, the investor understands the structure of business and payments. The agreement should determine the priority structure of the order in which returns are paid to owners and founders.

From the name itself, we can imagine an agreement in which the shares are transferred from one party to another. The shares give the shareholders (who owns the shares) ownership of the company and this can be done by acquiring a share of the company or the existing shareholders of the company. To make any transfer legally binding, it is always advisable to enter into a contract. Guarantees protect the interest of the buyer and the subscriber who does not provide the information to other shareholders. It is fair and reasonable for a buyer to demand guarantees and for shareholders to grant them. However, it is very easy for a buyer to use warranties to “improve” their initial business. So if you`re a shareholder. Don`t give any guarantees if you don`t know if this is true, but be prepared to “go and discover” information that might be in your knowledge. It is important to regulate the shareholder agreement, because not all shareholders who are part of the company are the same. The agreement must be drafted in such a way that everyone is aware that each person is different and has a different opinion on the subjects or topics in question.

And whether or not these people can agree with each other. In the previous paragraphs, it can be concluded that any type of agreement, whether it is possible to enter into a share purchase agreement, a share subscription contract or a shareholder contract, in order to protect the investor and the company from litigation. Each of these three agreements has its own specificities. It is not a golden rule to enter into an agreement to sell or buy a stock, but to contain the problems that may arise in the future, it is always advantageous to give a written form to such transactions, that is.