Motorcycle Bike Sale Agreement

Prepare against a tax the necessary documents to complete, namely the passport of the seller and the buyer as well as the specific PTS for the motorcycle (passport vehicle). Then we provide step-by-step instructions to complete: at the time of sale, the buyer is required to have the fund in their possession in the form of a certified cheque, money order or cashier, unless the parties have accepted a transfer. The seller must enter the title of the motorcycle, registration, and buyer and seller must enter the details into the sales invoice. In our motorcycle rental contract, we provide an insurance policy to the seller in case of loss or deterioration of the bike and outstanding money. The seller must demand proof from the police. The best is to sell a clean and functional bike. Therefore, it must be inspected by a licensed mechanic and touched with visible, painted or licked rust. After washing the bike, it is best to grow any visible surface with a traditional wax. 15.

TRANSFERT: 15.1 The purchaser cannot transfer the obligations under this contract to third parties without the Seller`s prior written permission. 20. BINDING EFFECT: This agreement binds the parties, their successors, legal representatives and beneficiaries of the transfer and is in their favour. What Russian doesn`t like to drive fast? This phrase has been familiar to many since childhood. However, it`s not about speed, but many iron favorites – motorcycles. Specifically on the rules and the correct development of a contract to buy and sell motorcycles for individuals. Note that the transaction itself resembles in many ways the same procedure for buying a car, although it has its differences. We suggest consider buying or selling a motorcycle for individuals (i.e. individuals). Correctly indicate the amount in which the seller evaluated the bike. Very often, attackers use this element.

If the contract is terminated, the amount signed by the buyer is refunded. This means that the cost of the vehicle is ten times less than the real one – you are in danger. In essence, buying or selling a car or scooter is a very similar procedure. Their differences consist only of the presence or absence of frame and body numbers. All these details are necessarily written in the text body of the document, along with the pattern, color and other nuances. Particular attention is paid to a scooter whose sale does not need to be legalized, i.e. a written agreement with the signature of the parties to the process is sufficient. The forms should be printed in three copies: one for traffic police, two more for participants. 16.3 The purchaser agrees that the proceeds from the sale of the bike should first be used to repay the funds due under the contract and that the excess money be transferred to the purchaser. The contract for the sale of the vehicle (vehicle) – a document that confirms the transfer of ownership of the car from one side of the transaction (seller) to the other (buyer).

Under the contract, the seller agrees to transfer the car to the property to the buyer and the buyer agrees to accept the car and pay a certain amount of money, its price. Certification of the car`s sales contract is not required. 14.4 The purchaser must perform all maintenance and repairs of the bike at his own expense, as long as it is necessary to maintain it in the condition in which it was sold, and any upgrades or accessories that have been mounted on the bike will become intrinsic elements of it. The sales contract is in accordance with paragraph 1.