Loan Payment Deferral Agreement

[If the borrower is reputable under a HAMP® change, If you continue to receive future HAMP “Pay for Performance” incentives and you lose such incentives as a result of a deferral of payment, the services must: Contact your mortgage company or mae Mortgage Help Network – For more information about your options, including if you can benefit from a deferral of payment. The deferral of payment does not change other conditions of your mortgage. If this deferral takes effect, you are not entitled to future HAMP “Pay for Performance” incentives.] Once your deferred payment is in effect, you must continue to make your planned monthly payment to keep your mortgage up to date. [For a borrower who committed 12 months of delinquent at the time of the assessment, where the service provider also uses one month of treatment, includes the following language: We need one month of treatment to complete your deferred payment. Since you have 12 months of offender, you must pay your current monthly contractual payment of [amount] to [date] for your late payment to take effect.] Number of interest and interest payments outstanding A deferral of payment delays your mortgage and delays the repayment of certain monthly payments in late principal payment and interest, as well as other amounts we paid on your behalf as part of the late monthly payments. You are responsible for paying the outstanding amounts after the maturity of the mortgage or earlier when the property is sold or transferred, when the mortgage is refinanced or when the unpaid interest is paid. Thank you for telling us about your mortgage. As discussed, you will be approved for a deferral of payment, and we will defer your outstanding amounts in order to update your mortgage. This letter describes what a deferral of payment is and how it affects your mortgage.

This credit relief option defers outstanding amounts from payments not made at the end of your repayment period, allowing you to keep the same monthly payment while bringing your credit to the current status. The following table describes the specific conditions for the deferral of payment. Contains all amounts we have paid on your behalf in connection with outstanding payments, such as taxes or insurance, as authorized by your mortgage documents. . If your mortgage has been changed under the Home Modification Program (HAMP®, please note: To accept this offer, you must [Provide an acceptance instruction] until [the date before the end of the current month]” [The servicer must contain all information required by federal, national or local laws.] For more information on how to avoid seizures, including military assistance, you can also visit Fannie Maes Ask Poli offers exclusive questions and answers, as well as sales and maintenance guide content. Additional payment time information and legal instructions [If you include a letter of formal notice, use the following language instead of the paragraph above: What can happen if you are blocked? Find out here so you`re ready.