How To Cite The Paris Agreement Aglc

Tips: Insert the title (short) in which several works by the same author are present. If there are works by authors with the same surname, the full names of the authors should be registered in order to avoid ambiguity. Subsequent references to United Nations and WTO documents must be referred to in accordance with RULES 9.5 and 13.5 of the AGLC if the contracting parties can join the treaty and indicate the full date on which the contract was signed. Otherwise, the full date of the signature or acceptance is indicated. If available, indicate the date it came into effect. Parties to a bilateral agreement should be included in brackets immediately after the title, with the names of the parties being separated by a dash. If so, an informal/abbreviated title may be indicated in brackets before the specific reference and used in the following references. A quotation from a treaty or other international agreement should contain the name of the agreement; Parties, if any; The letter, if any, mentioned; The signing date and the source or sources in which the contract may be located. The main international agreements on climate change are linked below. The full text of the treaty is linked and the UN treaty website contains details on participants and important data.

Articles that appear in journals that are only available online (no print publications) should be cited in the same way as articles published in print magazines. However, it is often impossible to include a volume number, exit number or home page. If an item has an article number or other identifier, it is used instead of a home page number. If an article is displayed as a PDF (portable document format) or equivalent, include the PDF page after the article is identified. The information required for the order is: author (if listed on the website cited); title of the document (in quotes); website titles (in italics); Document type, full date (by kinship); URL (included in ). A source should be cited as the internet if it does not exist in the form of publication and/or if there is no other AGLC rule that would apply. If one cites a previously cited source (with the previous footnote), an abbreviated form of document may be accompanied by a cross reference (in parentheses) to the number of the footnote in which the quotation was indicated in its entirety (as below) – Tip: A case should not be cited as unreported if your bibliography has been reported: The Paris Agreement – main page. [online] Available at: [Access March 9, 2017]. Do not include the names of parties to multilateral agreements with more than three signatories The original sources used must be consulted and cited.

However, it may be important to indicate where one source refers to another source. Phrases such as “quote” or “quote” can be used. See examples below – depending on the context, other phrases can be used. Their bibliography: Tambo, E., Duo-quan, W. and Zhou, X., 2016. Combating air pollution and extreme climate change in China: implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Environment International, 95, 152-156. “If you want to cite a source for which there is no provision in the AGLC, think first of the basic principles: clarity and consistency.” Reference is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to create quotations and to allow readers to identify and consult each object in order to follow the arguments of a quoted author. Marrakesh Agreement establishing the World Trade Organization, which was opened for signature on 15 April 1994, 1867 UNTS 3 (entered into force on 1 January 1995) Annex 1C (“Agreement on Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights That Are Related to Trade”).