Download Registered Rent Agreement Maharashtra

1. The soft copy of the registered rental agreement is sent by email ID 2. Visit of the biometric verification representative. 1. Registration of the lease of premises outside Maharashtra. (2) Additional visits for biometric data are also charged. 3. Several biometric verification visits to several tenants. 4. Biometric verification of the owner in case he was sitting with Maharashtra. 5. Paper-printed copy of the lease registered on right paper.

6. The privacy of the tenant`s policy at the nearest police station. DigiLocker is an online storage space (1GB) provided by the Indian government for the preservation of your documents and certificates. You will receive documents directly from registered exhibitors or load yours. The procedure for the Leave registry and the e-registration licensing agreement, which is declared step by step; Visit the website title “Online Services” and in the link “E-Registration for this purpose. Click on Laave`s e-Recording and License Option “L-L” under the title `Online Service`s` from the site Choose the compatible view to see. Choose the borough where the property is located in the new “entry column,” from which at least one letter in capital letters, a special character and a number, z.B. Esdrr@0987 or 12″ QWRTY, re-enter the password to confirm. DETAIL OF PROPERTY Now enter the property details and click the “SAVE” button after completing the necessary details. The 11-digit token number appears on the right side of the screen. Note: Please note the 11-digit token number on paper.

Pop-up message “Successful Added Property” chose the “Next Part Details” option. DETAIL OF TENANT (licensed) citizen has the category of “licensee and entry details of the licensee of the property (person who has the property on vacation and temporary basic license period) correct entry Aadhaar Card No. (UID) – Mandatory Click the `SAVE` pop-up message button `successful party` when there is more than one holder and then select `holder` option, Repeat the same process, after entry details by each licensee Click “Party Added” DETAIL OF OWNER The citizen has the category of “licensee category and entry details of the licensee of the property licensee (person who rents the property on vacation and the basic license for temporary time) Correct entry Aadhaar Card No. (UID) – Mandatory After entering all the details of the licensee , the user has entered the information relating to the identifiers. For each party that executes the document for identification, two witness-identifiers are required, but they may be in common with other parties. Two control identifiers are required with Aadhaar Card (UDI) which will identify the licensee and the licensee who runs the Leave and License Agreement. WITNESSES CUM IDENTIFIERS Citizen must enter the details of the witness-Cum identifiers, as follows action Click “Add the ID details in the party type.” Choose the part to which the identifiers will be identified In defining all the details of the correct identifier and UDI (Aadhaar Card) number is mandatory, as stated in it. After entering all the details of the identifiers, click the “ENREGISTRER” button. Pop-up message “Successfully Added Identified” selected the “Add another identifier” and enter all the details of the second identifier according to the process described above. An e-registered rental agreement is considered a valid document for proof of address. Only committed professionals and lawyers offer you the best services to establish your agreements.

We will re-educate your agreement and insert them for registration. The DigiLocker will provide you with a copy of all documents and certificates issued by exhibitors registered by DigiLocker. PS. We are also open to businesses and owners who need our service on a regular basis. Please read the reference to . After the conclusion of Stage 3, the Registered Rent Agreement is then submitted for approval to the Government Under-Registration Office.