Demo Find out how to get it.
In Short Some useful information.
Client The Client application.
Alarms The "Alarms" of QuaerO.
Charts The Charting tool of QuaerO.


  • Overview

    What's QuaerO?

    QuaerO is a new application from Itworks which allows the managers to be updated 24/7 about the state of orders, deliveries and various company processes by their own iPod, iPhone, iPad and now also Android devices.

  • Know-how


    QuaerO is a result of the various projects that Itworks has carried out in different fields of application, from automation of processes inside warehouses and factories to custom solutions in the world of digital multimedia.

  • Technology

    What is QuaerO based on?

    QuaerO is a client-server solution which makes use of and integrates different components of heterogeneous character and types of technology.
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Using the QuaerO Client
Customizing QuaerO
Live tracking and statistics